Yearbook Distribution


First off, we just want to thank every one of our yearbook advisors for dedicating their time and giving it their all to create an amazing collection of memories of the 2015-2016 school year. We know how big of a job that the whole yearbook process is, and our hats go off to you! 

IMG_4794As our last yearbooks are being submitted, we are taking a moment to let out a
huge sigh of relief before we dive into our next huge task…YEARBOOK DELIVERIES! Once you receive your yearbooks from us, it is up to you
and your committee to come up with a way to distribute the books to the students that have ordered. Here are a few ideas on how to effectively distribute yearbooks!

Preparing to Distribute

Before you hand out the yearbooks, we suggest to…

  • Check with your principal as to when a good day and time would be to pass out the yearbooks. Every school is different, but most of our schools want to avoid distraction and disruption in the classroom. Talking with the principal is the best way to make sure everyone is on the same page. 
  • Recruit Volunteers! Depending on the size of your yearbook delivery, it is super helpful to have extra sets of hands! Assign volunteers specific jobs to help streamline your process.
  • Organize your order list. If you haven’t done so already, place your orders in a spreadsheet and organize it by teacher and…
  • Make sure all orders are accounted for. Right now is a great time to double-check your order list against a receipt book, or even your order envelopes themselves. This will put your mind at ease when passing out the books. 

Distribution Tips & Tricks

The day has come to pass the yearbooks out to the students and staff members! What an exciting moment to finally have everyone see what you have been working on for months! There are a couple of ways that we have found works best for the distribution process.

  • Highlighting Class Rosters. Ask the office to print current class rosters as well as a teacher list for you. While referring to your order list organized by teacher, highlight the students’ names on the rosters that have purchased a yearbook. When you finish highlighting the roster, count out the number of books needed for that class and set it to the side with the roster on top. On the day you are handing out the yearbooks, give the teacher the highlighted roster and the yearbooks. On your teacher list, have them initial next to their name that they receive the yearbooks for their class.
  • Create Labels. Although it requires a more work, labeling the books is a great way to make sure that the yearbooks are going to the correct student. Some of our schools take their order list and format it to be sticker labels. The labels have the student’s first name, last name, teacher and grade on it. Once these are printed out, they are placed either on the inside front cover or inside back cover.

Middle School Distribution

Our middle schools have done an amazing job coming up with a process for distribution that works best for their campus. An example is listed below.

  • Set up a table before and after school, as well as during lunch for students to come and pick up their yearbooks. Have three people sitting at the table, splitting up the lines alphabetically (A-F, G-M, N-Z) which will make the lines move faster and be more efficient. Each person has the order list with only the students in their letter range on it. When the students pick up their yearbook, have them either sign or initial next to their names. After they sign next to their name, highlight the name indicating that they did pick it up.

Selling Yearbooks After Delivery

If you ordered extra yearbooks in the hopes to sell more when they are delivered, here are some helpful ways to make sure you aren’t getting stuck with any left over books.

  • Set up a table before and after school in heavy traffic areas.
  • Create a sign with the amount of yearbooks that are available to purchase. When books are purchased, continue to update the sign with the current number to entice people to buy before you are sold out!
  • Accept cash only as payment to avoid any issues with checks.

Thank you again for an amazing yearbook season! Let us know if there is anything that we can assist you with!

Your Friends, 

School Portraits by Adams Photography Yearbook Team

Advisor Feature March 2016

We are in the midst of full blown yearbook season! We appreciate everyone’s hard work and dedication over the last few months, you guys are awesome!

Yearbook Blog_Jen Denninghoff Photo

Jen Denninghoff – Prado View Elementary School (Corona, CA)

What are some things that you enjoy about the overall yearbook experience?

I love the creative process more than anything.  I like playing around with the design templates and seeing what new things I can come up with.

What processes do you go through to come up with the theme of your yearbook?

We usually try to incorporate the school’s theme for the year, which is selected by our PTA.  Last year, it was “Prado View Rocks”, so we incorporated the rock star theme.  This year, the school theme is “Superheroes” so we’re running with that theme for our yearbook.

Do you have any suggestions for other yearbook advisors (re: sales/marketing, page design, etc.)?

I think it helps to have a theme that you carry out throughout your book.  It can be tied to your school theme or can be something you use just for your book.  Either way, it will make your book look more cohesive and will help with your creative process.  Also, take some time to get familiar with the software and design templates.  The more you play around with everything, the easier it will be.  My first year, I also took advantage of the “yearbook workshops”, which were really helpful!

When do you really start working on your book and how long does it take you to complete it (on average)?

We start yearbook sales in August when school starts and set a calendar for when each stage of the book should be started and worked on.  Then we tackle each area based on deadline and priority.  The major design of the book doesn’t start to happen until January, but it doesn’t really come together until March.  That’s our “crunch” month to pull the design together, see where we have any holes and finalize what needs to be completed before the final deadline in April.

What are some tips that you would give to new yearbook advisors? What advice was given to you that stuck with you after all these years?

We have a team of photographers that are in charge of taking the bulk of the photos for our major events and the class collage pages.  We assign the photographers grades to cover, and then we send out the school calendar and have the photographers sign up for events they want to cover.  We still accept photos from parents and teachers for the book, but the photographers ensure we have the main events covered and that we get the types of photos we want for the book.  It’s really helped!

 Congratulations to Prado View Elementary School for winning our

2014-2015 YEARBOOK OF THE YEAR award!


Advisor Feature – January 2016

A new year brings new things! We are excited to present our new blog feature that focuses on one of our many amazing yearbook advisors. Each month, a new advisor will be featured and asked to share their yearbook experiences. Seeing another advisor’s perspective is a great way to get ideas on how to succeed in your yearbook process.


Sharon Greaves – Cedargrove Elementary School (Covina, CA)

I’m the Assistant Principal at our site. I took the job in October and became the yearbook advisor the day I started. It was an ‘E ticket’ ride (for those who remember the Disney tickets).

What are some things that you enjoy about the overall yearbook experience?

Working with the staff at School Portraits was definitely a highlight! My yearbook partner and I enjoyed the dinner meetings on site in Chino. We were able to work in a friendly environment, get answers to questions, and have a fun time completing pages with the help of the staff. Thank you Amber and Mandy!

What processes do you go through to come up with the theme of your yearbook?

Our school develops a theme every year. Then, using the school’s theme, we look for images and designs that will coordinate with it.

Do you have any suggestions for other yearbook advisors (re: sales/marketing, page design, etc.)?

The two things that helped us the most were the Pictavo tools and the on-site meetings at School Portraits.

Another tip, we had students submit pictures for the yearbook cover using our school theme. We kept the winning picture a secret until the yearbook was revealed. Students were excited to see if their entry had made it into the cover, or the back page where we featured our runner-ups. The cover contest gets students excited and peaks interest in the theme!

When do you really start working on your book and how long does it take you to complete it (on average)?

Having done this just once, I’m not sure how long it took. I do know that we start working by taking pictures early in the year and we begin planning our pages in November.

What are some tips that you would give to new yearbook advisors? What advice was given to you that stuck with you after all these years?

Begin by planning the ladder and stick to it. Get help from the team at School Portraits! Start early and plan for ways to incorporate your theme throughout the book. Then, put people on your team that you enjoy working and laughing with! You’ll need to laugh… a lot!

Congratulations, Cedargrove Elementary for winning our

Yearbook Partnership Award for the 2014-2015 School Year!Cedargrove Yearbook 2015-01

Happy New Year(book)!

The holidays are officially over. Some people are sighing with relief, while all of us yearbook advisors are putting the pedal to the metal! We are in the midst of yearbook madness, and it is so exciting! In this article, you will find a few reminders of due dates, as well as some tips for what is coming up in the next couple of months.

Yearbook Covers are due JANUARY 15th!!

Cover Thumbnails 003 (Side 3)Your cover needs to be submitted by no later than January 15th.

If a custom cover drawing contest is being held at your school, we suggest that all drawings are turned in to you by the end of this week, to allow some time for voting, scanning of the artwork, and creating the cover with the artwork provided. If you opted out of the contest route, but appointed a student artist to draw the cover artwork, allow yourself enough time to create the cover once the artwork is received.

Stock cover options are also available. For examples of stock covers provided, refer to the Pictavo Design Guide or call the School Portraits by Adams Photography Yearbook team for other options.

Portrait Pages are due FEBRUARY 15th!

If your school is photographed by our company in the Fall, we have uploaded your portraits for you. If your school is photographed by another school picture company, they should provide you with a PSPA disc that needs to be uploaded into your software.

Once your portraits have been uploaded, make any necessary database changes before you place the portraits on the pages (ie. adding staff to a class, removing underscores, etc.). This will cut down the refresh time.

Once your portraits are uploaded, lay them out on the pages in the order that appeals to you. For proofing purposes, you can leave the background white and use a standard font for the title (ex. Mrs. Hatch – 6th Grade). This allows the teacher to proof the page with ease. Print out all of your portrait pages and let us know if you would like to use our standard Yearbook Portrait Page Proofing sheet. Staple the proofing sheet on top of the portrait page and let the teachers know when they need to be returned to either you or the office. Allow yourself enough time to make the necessary changes indicated on the proofing sheet, and mail the Portrait Proofs to our office in the pre-paid envelope given to you in your Yearbook Kit by no later than February 15th. Please note that your book will not be printed unless we have your proofs on file. This ensures that all names are spelled correctly and all students are showcased properly.

If you haven’t already… GET STARTED!

We are 4 months into the 2015-2016 school year which means a lot of events have already taken place at your school! Here are a few tips to help you get started on your yearbook.YB Ladder_pg1

  1. Create a Yearbook Ladder! A Yearbook Ladder is a worksheet that you can “build” your book on to showcase what topic goes on what page. We suggest that you fill it out in pencil, just in case you need to move things around!
  2. Organize your photos on your computer by creating folders entitled with the page descriptions on your ladder (ie. Red Ribbon Week, Mother/Son Event, Halloween, etc.). Download the photos onto your computer and place them in their respective folders. Once you are in the software, create folders with the same names as the ones that are on your computer for an easier and more organized upload process.
  3. Use templates!! Templates are an easy way to get started on your pages. They are completely customizable which allows you to add photo boxes, change colors/backgrounds, and make it your own. If you like the way it is, you are not obligated to change it.

Stay Tuned… Yearbook Workshop Dates will be announced next month!

Our Yearbook Workshops are held in our office and are extremely helpful to those who need a little extra help. Our yearbook team will be there to answer any questions you may have, and show you a shortcut or two! It is a great opportunity to work on your book in a quiet group environment, with others to bounce ideas off of.

Happy Yearbook-ing! 🙂

Your Friends,

School Portraits by Adams Photography Yearbook Team 🙂


Promoting Yearbook Sales: Pre-Sale & Marketing Tips

Being a yearbook advisor means that you not only are in charge of creating the yearbook, but you also have the huge responsibility to come up with ways to sell the yearbook. Although we do offer complimentary sales material for our schools, sometimes a flyer isn’t enough to grab the attention of the parents. To determine what will work best for your particular school, we have come up with a few questions to ask yourself when you decide to begin your sales process.

1. Who am I selling the yearbook to?

2. When do I start selling?

3. How do I determine the Pre-Sale, Sale, and Final Sale dates/prices for our yearbook?

4. What are some fun ways to promote yearbook sales?

5. Where is the best place to promote the yearbook?

For more details, see below!

1. Who am I selling the yearbook to? 

The first crucial step in yearbook sales is figuring out who your audience is.

  • YB Yellow Question MarkAre the parents at your school highly involved or does your school struggle to get parents to participate?
  • What are your school’s demographics?
  • What were the sales like last year?

These are a few things to consider when you begin thinking about selling the yearbook. The answers to these questions will help you determine when to sell, how diligent you have to be, as well as how much to sell your yearbook for.

2. When do I start selling?

Sales MaterialWe suggest you start your sales as soon as school is back in session. We offer sales flyers, order envelopes, and custom yearbook posters! Order your Custom Sales Material early,  and send home your flyers within a “Welcome Back” packet that parents will receive.

3. How do I determine the Pre-Sale, Sale, and Final Sale dates/prices for our yearbook?

Pre-Sale: Some of our schools start their Pre-Sale as early as the first day of school, while others wait until September/October to start selling. It’s all a matter of preference. We suggest giving the parents a few months to order during the Pre-Sale. It is best to have the Pre-Sale end before your school goes onto Winter Break, since it is easy to remember and gives parents quite a bit of time to take advantage of the discounted price.


On Sale NOW – November 20th

On Sale September/October 15th – December 15th

Pre-Sale pricing is usually offered as the “discount” period, meaning the school sets the price at their true cost of the book rounded up to the nearest whole number or just adds a dollar to that rounded cost.

Example: Our price to the school: $19.37 —> Pre-Sale price: $20 or $21.

YB Green MoneybagSale: It is recommended that a few weeks are put in between the Sale and Pre-Sale and to have the price increase by at least $5 to motivate people to buy during the Pre-Sale. When the sale starts immediately after the Pre-Sale, it tends to create confusion when a different monetary value of checks and cash come in.

When setting up the end date for your Sale period, we highly encourage our yearbook advisors to reference their Confirmation Form as to when their Goal Due Date is, and set their final Sale date the same day as their Goal Due Date. Your Goal Due Date is about a week before your scheduled Final Due Date, which gives you time to collect any last-minute orders and to account for the total number of yearbooks that need to be ordered at your Yearbook Submission Meeting that lands on or before your Final Due Date.


If your Goal Due Date is March 21st…

On Sale January 11th – March 21st —-> $25

Green ExclamationFinal Sale: Many of you may know that parents can be very last-minute, and at some schools it’s more often than not. A Final “While Supplies Last” Sale may work best as a third option for you to offer. To encourage parents to purchase during the Pre-Sale and the Sale, we would suggest yet another $5 or even $10 price increase, and have it on a WHILE SUPPLIES LAST basis. This sale should start immediately after your Sale end date.


On Sale March 22nd – WHILE SUPPLIES LAST —-> $35

4. What are some fun ways to promote Yearbook Sales?

Over the years, we have come across a lot of fun and interesting ways on how our schools promote their Yearbook Sales. Here are a few of our favorites!

Courtesy of Eliza Arteago (Yearbook Advisor: Washington Elementary School – Glendora, CA)

First Day of School Photo Contest! 

First Day of School Photo Contest

  • Create a contest that allows parents to submit their First Day of School pictures to be featured in the yearbook!
  • Customize a flyer with your school name and logo! In the example to the left, all areas in red would be the things you would change to match your school!
  • Offer a first place and runner-up prize to entice people to participate! Maybe a discount on the yearbook, or even a free one!
  • Send your flyer out in the “Welcome Back” packet, post it on the school’s Facebook/website, and share it with all of your Facebook friends!
  • Create a page in the Yearbook to showcase the best pictures that were submitted!

Courtesy of Diane Gordon (YB Advisor: Glenmeade Elementary – Chino Hills, CA) &

Lynette Ranaudo (YB Advisor: Oak Ridge Elementary – Chino Hills, CA)

Family Discount During Pre-Sale

  • Offer a family discount during the Pre-Sale ONLY when parents order more than one book per household.
  • Lots of families deter from buying a yearbook because they can’t afford to buy more than one book.
  • A $2-$3 discount works best. You will be able to make up the extra couple of dollars because you will now be selling more books.

YB Order Brochure- Family DiscountFamily Discount engSpan

Bundles, Discounts, and Other Promo Tips!

  • Offer Bundle Pricing! Include some Spirit Wear, etc. at a discounted price when the yearbook is purchased!
  • Offer discounted rates for a limited time for new and returning PTA/PTO members! This will increase sales and promote your parent organization to the masses!
  • Private schools: Include the price of the Yearbook in tuition costs! That way everyone is guaranteed to get a book!
  • Offer “Yearbook Gift Certificates”. Sell them at Back to School, or place them in a gift basket that parents can buy at a School Fundraising Function!
  • Create a yearbook banner on butcher paper that reads “You’re In Here!” and print out some finished pages of the yearbook to showcase that all students will be in the yearbook. This gets parents excited to purchase a book knowing that their child will be featured!
  • SELL THE YEARBOOK ONLINE! Whether it is the yearbook software’s online community, or your own School’s Webstore, allow the parents to purchase the book with their credit/debit cards. More often than not, checks and cash are no longer in Mom or Dad’s wallet!

5. Where is the best place to promote the yearbook?

There are multiple platforms that the yearbook can be promoted on, it all depends on what would work best for your school!

  • Scout the school and figure out where all of the high-traffic areas are! Order a Custom Yearbook Sales Banner and  hang it out where parents can’t miss it!
  •  Social Media is the way of the future! If your school has a Facebook page, post the sales information on there, share it with all of the parents you are friends with, and get them to share it with their friends!
  • Post it on your school’s website!
  • Send out a Phone/Email Blast!
  • Set up a table at every school event, or have banners at the event stating that the pictures will be showcased in the yearbook!

Send us an email to order your Sales Material, and let us know if there is anything that we can do to help you!

Your friends,

School Portraits by Adams Photography Yearbook Team 🙂

I signed my contract…NOW WHAT?!

Lots of signed contracts have been turned in to take advantage of our Early Signing Bonuses, and some of you might be wondering what the next step in the yearbook process is. Our Yearbook Department has been teaming up with all of our software and publishing companies to get everyone signed up for the upcoming year. Once that process is complete, we will provide you with a Confirmation Form that indicates all of the specs of your yearbook, as well as your various due dates. You, on the other hand, can use your down time to…


header-academic-calendar-ss-59653657-788x360Once school has started, snag a copy of the school events calendar to get an idea of what events can be showcased in this year’s yearbook. If there is no such calendar available to you, or if one has not yet been made, ask to be a part of that process! This is also a great opportunity to find out if your school has a theme for this school year that they would like to incorporate in the yearbook. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!


Sales MaterialYou can start your sales as early as you want! A lot of our schools order their sales material before the first day of school to ensure that their Yearbook Order Form gets put into a “Welcome Back” packet. If you wish to get started on your sales, let our Yearbook Team know and a Sales Material Order Form will be sent to you via email for you to fill out. If your school hasn’t already purchased a yearbook banner, we have them available to order as well. It’s a perfect tool to spread the word about purchasing the yearbook!


photo 4bphoto 1cWith the first day of school around the corner, picture day is soon to follow! Ask the office when it is scheduled and spread the word about picture day in the hopes to capture as many smiles as possible in the yearbook.

Our expert staff is offering up a few pointers to make your child’s (or even your own!) photograph the best it can be!

Clothes:  Dress your best! Be sure to select something that isn’t too bold, to avoid attention being drawn away from the face. Stay away from busy patterns and large logos! Plain white and solid black clothing may also be affected by the camera flash, so opt for darker solids or pastels.

Hair: Schedule a haircut at least two weeks prior to picture day for a more neat and natural look.

Girls should avoid tight ponytails and large hair accessories. Huge bows and flower crowns are definitely in style, but they tend to be a distraction from their face in the photograph. Simplicity is key. Headbands, barrettes, and bobby pins are the perfect accessory to make a school picture perfect!

Boys may want to wear their favorite hat depicting their favorite sports team or brand, but it is best to avoid wearing it on picture day. In most cases, the school requires them to remove the hat before taking a picture. In the case of extreme hat hair or stubborn fly aways, our photography team has disposable grooming combs available to tame your child’s hair as best as they possibly can. 

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to smile! Let your child know that it’s okay to have a missing tooth or braces in the picture. It captures a particular time in their lives that they will look back on in the years to come.

Your Friends,

School Portraits by Adams Photography Yearbook Team 🙂

Welcome, Yearbook Creators!

Aaaaah, the summer time. You finally have a chance to take a deep breath after those crazy months working on the yearbook, meeting your deadlines, and passing out your final product. As you sit on your front porch drinking ice cold lemonade, we are in the office developing new and exciting things for our Yearbook Department!

Our goal is to make your yearbook process as easy and stress free as possible.  When we sent out our end of the year survey, many of you have suggested for us to jump into the Social Media realm. With that, we have implemented lots of fun ways for you to stay connected with us before, during, and after Yearbook season. Our Facebook page is designed to bring you updates and reminders of due dates, events, and various yearbook processes. We have also created a YouTube channel, where you will be able to find quick videos on yearbook updates and yearbook how-to’s! For all of you Pinners who want to get inspired, a Pinterest page dedicated to design, sales, and all other aspects of yearbooks is available to you. On our new blog, we will be sharing ideas and helpful tips and tricks of the yearbook trade. Yearbook trends, typography, sales boosters, and page layout examples will all be things that we will focus on in the hopes to spark your yearbook creativity. We want our various social media platforms to be your sledgehammer in case of a creative road block comes along that obstructs your intentions to pave a path of inspiration!

We look forward to working with everyone again very soon!

Your friends,

School Portraits by Adams Photography Yearbook Team